Bargains at the Bridge

Bargains at the Bridge is our Thrift Store that sells quality nearly new items ranging from items such as clothing, footwear, household items, books, games, and sporting equipment

The store hours are Monday - Friday from 9am-3pm and Saturday from 10am-2pm

Bag Day: The last business day of each month is Bag Day. Customers can fill a bag for $5.00

Kids Clothing
Item Price
Kids Clothes 1.00
Kids 1 pc Snow Suit 4.00
Kids 2 pc Snow Suit 6.00
Kids Winter Coat 3.00
Kids Snow Pants 3.00
Brand New Kids Coats 10.00
Baby Shoes 1.00
Kids Shoes 1.50
Adult Clothing
Item Price
Hoodie 4.00
Dress (starting at) 3.00
Tops 2.00
Pants 3.00
Skirts 2.00
Tights 1.00
Shorts 2.00
Bra 2.00
Underwear 0.75
Underwear Pack (per pair) 0.50
Socks 1.00
Blazers/Suitcoats 3.00
Suit 10.00
Lightcoat/Windbreaker 4.00
Full Ski Suit/2 Piece Snow Suit 10.00
Snow Pants 5.00
Item Price
Duffle Bag (starting at) 3.00
Suitcase (starting at) 5.00
Purse 2.00
Backpack (starting at) 3.00
Item Price
Earrings 1.00
Necklace 2.00
Bracelet 2.00
Rings 1.00
Watch 2.00
Item Price
Belt 1.00
Tie 1.00
Scarf 1.00
Gloves/Mittons (starting at) 2.00
Hat/Cap (starting at) 1.00
Item Price
Facecloth 0.50
Hand Towel 1.00
Bath Towel (small) 1.50
Bath Towel (large) 2.00
Curtains (per piece) 2.00
Pillocase 1.00
Blankets/Throws/Puffs 4.00
Sheet 2.00
Cushion (starting at) 2.00
Tablecloth 2.00
Comforters/Bedspreads 5.00
Item Price
Bathing Suit - Full 3.00
Bathing Suit - Top 1.50
Bathing Suit - Bottom 1.50
Item Price
Shoes 3.00
Sandals 3.00
Slippers 2.00
Boots (starting at) 3.00
Item Price
Soccer Cleats (staritng at) 5.00
Skates (starting at) 3.00
Item Price
Pajama Pants (starting at) 1.00
Pajama Top 1.00
Housecoat 3.00
Nightshirt 2.00
Item Price
CDs 1.00
DVDs (starting at) 1.00
Cassette Tapes 0.50
VHS 1.00
Video Games (starting at) 2.00
Books 1.00
Item Price
Puzzles 0.00
Games 0.00
Item Price
Yarn (starting at) 1.00


Donations are greatly appreciated. They can be dropped off between Monday and Friday from 8am to 4pm and from Saturday from 10am until 2pm at the Car Port Entrance. There is also a Donation Bin in our parking lot located close to the Car Port for donation to be dropped off after hours.
Donations we do not take:Televisions, encyclopedias, baby equipment, and large items.
Our clients, staff, and volenteers sort the donations and we want them to be able to do this safely. Please do not put sharp or broken objects in bags or boxes. Please do not donate items that cannot be resold. It is time consuming and expensive to sort and dispose of already damaged items.
Bargins at the Bridge is operated by the Bridge Adult Service Centre, a non-profit organization that serves adults with intellectual disabilities. All revenue from the store goes directly back into providing employment and life skills training programs for clients of the B.A.S.C. By shopping at Bargains at the Bridge, you are supporting the development of valuable employment skills and providing opportunities for individuals to reach their fullest potential. Thank you for shopping at Bargains at the Bridge.