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Our mission is to provide programs, services, and opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities to support them in reaching their fullest potential as member of our community.


"Our community is inclusive, respectful, and supportive of all people"


The Bridge began from humble roots in the 1960's in the basement of the Trinity St. Stephen Church. A group of parents of intellectually disabled individuals joined forces to create day programming.

The Bridge has since made it's way through several locations, including the St. Charles' Academy, St. Charles' Convent, Croft St., and has now settled in their current location at 16 Station St.

In 1978/79, the Department of Community Services requested a shift in the centre's focus from an activity-based program to a work-based training program. This shift in focus allowed for an income generated program that would provide for the portion of the budget not covered by the Department. A lucrative contract from Northern Telecom provided a foundation for the purchase of a building and program growth. Programs offered over the years have consisted of woodworking and baking, but both programs have since been discontinued. Northern Telecom's contract came to an end and the Bridge had to adjust programming again.

The creation of the Bridge Laundry was started in the basement of the Croft Street location. The laundry service provided an affordable option for the community while offering vocational training and life skills to participants. 

In 1991, the program expanded again to offer developmental and pre-vocational programming, This program was created to provide daily activities and programs to individuals in need of higher supervision or were unable to function in the regular programming. Life skills were the main focus of this programming and is still provided at the Bridge under the Life Enhancement Program. 

In 2004, the Bridge opened another social enterprise in the form of a used clothing store. The store provides retail experience to participants, including stocking shelves & racks, customer service, and cash register usage.

On October 28, 2006, the Bridge Adult Service Centre encountered a fire overnight, losing the usage of much of the Croft St. Building. The loss was endured through community support and program adjustments. Two years to the day later, the doors were opened to the current Bridge Adult Service Centre at 16 Station St.

The current centre houses the new Bridge Laundry, the expanded thrift shop titled Bargains at the Bridge, a contract department, and a Life Enhancement program. There is room for life skills programs, including a large kitchen for cooking programs.

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